Internet Filtering – Iceland

There is a campaign in many European countries to censor adult content from the internet.  There are debates taking place now in the UK around plans to enforce some sort of default censorship through the ISPs. Now Iceland is considering taking the same step and Vodaphone is considering making it’s own Online Filtering Service a default for all it’s customers.

People would still be able to opt out of they service but the default would be to be filtered.  Customers would be in charge of the filter through a self admin page to configure the settings.  Another ISP in Iceland called Siminn already offers the option to filter and block porn but it is off by default.

Users who are subject to these filters could also bypass them by using a proxy service which operates beyond the filters.  For instance this discussion takes place on this page – where you’ll find lots of information on proxies, VPNs and how to change your IP address when online.  The site is based mainly on American issues although the concepts are the same wherever you are, there is a bit on watching Canadian TV which some might find useful.