Using Proxies and Tools for Instagram Growth

It is possible to grow an Instagram account pretty quickly but aggressive growth like this needs tools and also planning. Anything fake like followers or likes is going to grow your channel more quickly but also put it at risk. You can reduce the risk by being very careful in how you configure these tools and also using proxies to hide your IP address especially if you’re using multiple accounts. Here’s an Instagram Bot Free trial if you want to try it but be warned they can produce incredible growth but at a risk. Lots of professional marketers use them however.

Video Transcript

It’s a great place to make money online, it’s called Instagram. This site is certainly more popular among the younger generation however it’s also great for selling products – both your own or indirectly as an affiliate. You can also use a popular Instagram account to generate income through sponsored shouts and promoting products. The key to making money on Instagram is having thousands of followers, you’re simply not going to get there by posting a few photos and asking your friends to like them. Fortunately there are lots of tools available to help with these. Check these tools out Igerslike, it’s a tool for social media growth. Follow liker is an Instagram marketing tool which is extremely popular. Likestagram which is a web based Instagram like tool and then there’s Mass planner a great tool for building followers.

If you use these tools properly – you can build popular money-making Instagram accounts very quickly indeed. The top Instagram marketers make serious money however Instagram doesn’t like these programs or people having multiple accounts so you have to be careful. Hide your promotional activities and the most important thing to remember is to use private proxies for Instagram promotion. A proxy server simply sits between you and the Instagram servers. You can switch between proxies in order to manage multiple accounts, one proxy is good for managing two Instagram accounts. Use any more than this and you’re likely to get flagged.

Use dedicated servers as it’s essential the best Instagram proxy should only be used by you alone. They also should be designed for Instagram and reserved and configured to work with the platform. Ideally you should use residential addresses as these are much safer to use. Check for speed, they should be fast with a low contention rate don’t overuse the proxies yourself or they’ll get banned. The best value and certainly cheaper than traditional private proxies is to use rotating ones like these, the connections will be rotated quickly through different users.

Here’s our recommendation below HTTP residential proxies net

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