Switching to a Business ISP Account

Ever felt that your internet connection was a bit slower than it should be, or that the customer service was somewhat lacking. There is no doubt that the best customer service is normally applied to the business customers, which is something anyone can take advantage of.

Most ISPs provide business internet plans that cost a bit more, nevertheless also offer excellent features such as zero throttling, no data caps, as well as much higher speeds. And the chances are that you can easily receive business internet in your home, whether you really have a business or otherwise.

What is “Business” Internet and Just How is It Different than “Home”?

There actually are some important factors that set business internet plans ahead of home internet, and also if you rely heavily on the internet in your day-to-day life, you may want to look into making the shift. Just like with almost anything, there certainly are benefits and drawbacks. Why don’t we’s commence with the really good stuff.

A number of ISPs offer increased internet speeds (especially upload speeds) for businesses than they provide for domestic accounts. Which’s just the starting point.

It’s 2018, and even at this moment the majority of ISPs are running metered connections for home service, suggesting you get a particular amount of data you are able to utilize every month. In the event that you go over that data cap, you get billed an overage. In the case of my service provider, if you go over your data package several times, they systematically bump you up to the next package deal, costing you more hard earned cash. When it comes to other ISPs, they may simply just charge you extra every month for what you use. And nevertheless others start suppressing your speed when you reach your data cap.

Since businesses use more data (and also varying amounts) on a month-to-month basis, running a capped network doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most business internet plans have absolutely no data cap. And so if you’re sick of needing to watch every gigabyte you download, arrange your download days all around your billing cycle, or just about anything else involved in avoiding data overages, a business plan may be for you.

Limitless usage is probably the biggest reason to consider a business plan over a home package, so if your home internet is already limitless, a business plan may not be as enticing to you. However there are other considerations which might not be so obvious, for example that of the classification of your IP address. As a home user your address will normally be classified as a residential address but switching to a business account may change that. This could cause problems when trying to access some specific sites like Netflix which actually block inbound connections from commercial address. The only solution in this instance would be to switch using a residential VPN service which involves some expense.

When it comes to obtaining tech assistance from your ISP (for general network issues ), it can be hit or miss on a home data plan. You might be waiting for ages and still just end up with a generic answer from a script-reading team member.

Support for company plans tends to be much better. In my situation, the wait times are a fraction of what I’ve experienced previously, and it seems like I’m chatting with a real person who really knows what they’re talking about– not another person just reading off a prompt.

In a perfect world, this would definitely be a non-issue, due to the fact that you ‘d never have to call tech assistance. But we do not reside in that world, so if getting the best support you can obtain from your ISP is important, a business plan is a great solution.

Not only that, but the assistance in general is much better. For example, I just recently got an email message to let me know my ISP would be performing some network upgrades in my area, so I could experience sporadic issues while the repairs are transpiring. Now when my’ net goes down for a few minutes, I know what’s up. I certainly never got anything like that when I was a home internet customer.

Our perception, though, is that ISPs have indeed become a lot more accommodating to providing business class internet at domestic locations over recent years. And why not? After all, the work-from-home types exemplify a pretty large workforce these days, so why not sell them your services?

You may also be able to circumvent some of these certifications (if you run into them) by speaking with your ISP’s local rep. When you call the company, it normally goes to a general call center, where they have no idea anything about you (or even care). But if you can hit up a local office and speak with the local business representative, then you may be able to swing a change to a business plan with a lot less hassle. Again, it all just depends on your location and your ISP.

Nevertheless, it deserves looking into. Maybe even at the increased price, the pros of business class internet often outweigh the cons.

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