Details on Surfing Securely Online.

Many of us use the internet every day in all aspects of our lives, we buy our shopping, sort out our finances or search for a holiday. However it is important to remember that although using the internet is certainly convenient, it does come with some important caveats.  One of the biggest issues is the lack of privacy and security we have when doing anything online, the web site covers many of these issues in blog posts.  They also cover some of the tools, methods and software that anyone can use to keep their personal information secure and their browsing history private.

The core issue is that anyone is identifiable when using the internet, at least if it’s from traditional access at home or in a business. Most web sites now lookup your physical location on every visit, although not all sites use this information. However an increasing number of sites use it for commercial information perhaps offering different prices or indeed services based on your location. Sometimes this might work in your favor although often it results in being blocked completely from using a website. Here’s a few examples:

Watching BBC iPLayer Abroad
For anyone who enjoys world class journalism, drama, documentaries and sport then the BBC is one of the ‘must have’ web sites. The vast majority of content across several diverse channels is broadcast live and stored on the iPLayer site for a period of time. Unfortunately it’s not always accessible to anyone outside the UK, to watch outside you’ll need a VPN – the following site shows you whats involved for BBC USA

For the ultimate protection, whether it’s from commercial meanness or surveillance/filtering from a despotic regime – there are a few solutions that offer complete protection. They sometimes seem overkill for watching the BBC News when on holiday in the Costa Del Sol but the simple reality is that it works. The program I’m referring too is called Identity Cloaker and has been providing the security conscious/paranoid with internet privacy for nearly ten years now.

Just a quick update to this page, many of the VPNs available online don’t work anymore.  Apparently you need to use a residential IP address which most don’t provide – there is a solution though in this post – Change Netflix country.  It’s the same VPN as recommended above but has been upgraded to include residential IP addresses.