Qatar May Lose World Cup Will the US Take Over ?

There’s a great chance that the USA will be in the running for hosting the World Cup in 2022. Currently of course, it is scheduled to be hosted in Qatar but rumours of corruption are casting a shadow over this decision. Plus of course, the temperatures in the country are so high in the Summer many believe it’s virtually impossible to host the tournament in such conditions.

Many of the world media organisations are reporting the possibility and the possibility seems to be a real one. The latest report was from a UK based TV show called Match of the Day which you can access online. It should be noted that England would also be considered a strong contender if this happens too.


FIFA could strip Qatar of the right to sponsor the 2022 World Cup with England and the USA appearing as possible replacements, whereas Brazil’s kit for the approaching Russian edition of the Cup has been leaked. Qatar might be stripped from the right to sponsor World Cup of 2022, with England and USA favorites to be granted the tournament. Calls to take the tournament from the Middle East nation have been rampant as a report detailing the buying of votes in their quest to ensure the cup went people.

The regulating body released its report to the bidding or the 2018 and 2022 edition of the tournament after German outlet Bild announced they intended to print escapes. The document subjected a secret payment of , 1.5m to the 10 yearold daughter of Brazilian FIFA powerbroker Ricardo Teixera, and also the fact that 3 senior figures were flown into Rio at a Qatari owned jet. In addition, political unrest in Qatar is currently forming as a further problem in their hopes of keeping the Cup. Based on a Saudi sports chief, England are in contention to take up server responsibilities, while the German news site Online Focus cites the head of Saudi Arabia “‘Sports organ of Hernal” Turki Al Sheikh in indicating that the United States is being considered as another possible place.

United Arab Emirates outlet Al Arabiya claim a confidential BBC report has warned companies against building facilities for the tournament in Qatar, although a FIFA decision on whether the gulf nation is going to be allowed to maintain the sponsor rights will reportedly be made before next summer. FIFA president Gianni Infantino desires the governing body’s member nations to vote on who should host the tournament.

Brazil became the most recent World Cup side to have their kit to get the tournament leaked. There are a few websites which are frequently accountable for strips surfacing in advance, have posted pictures of the jersey the Selecao are expected to don in Russia. In accordance with the site, the shirt follows the same design as England’s new Nike kit, containing no collar and is likely to be released alongside its away equivalent in March. Brazil’s World Cup kits have changed very little through the years, with the country opting for a very traditional look. And it seems the only variation of this policy this time is a small shift in the shade of yellowish at home jersey.

If you have problems access the media sites mentioned above then it may be worth switching the VPN service you are using. There are reports of the BBC iPlayer detecting VPN services and blocking their IP addresses, this is unlikely to affect all providers though as there are literally thousands!

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