Lowering the Costs of Residential Proxies

Finding decent proxies has got more complicated over the last few years simply because there’s so much more choice now. There is little interest in free proxies, rightly so because people’s requirements are much more demanding. Also as many of the free services have simply become ‘honey traps’ for identity thieves and cyber criminals they’re best avoided anyway.

You can find specific proxies for very specific roles, it’s normally a good idea to look at these first unless you have more general requirements. If you want to buy an Instagram proxy then purchasing one specifically for that task is a sensible move.

Video Transcript

What do you need from your residential rotating proxies? Well probably important are high speed and performance and for them to be optimized for multi-threaded tools and BOTS. Of course surely you’ll want know real limited bandwidth in order to support all your work. Certainly it’s unnerving to set off a bot running with no restrictions on usage if you think you might get nasty hidden costs. These can get really expensive very quickly indeed, especially if it’s sitting on a hosted VPN which you let run automatically. There are options of course and a myriad of different configurations you can choose from. Some are focused on e-commerce and you’ll find lots of proxies based on these which are often colloquially named ATC proxies like these.

The proxies and VPN’s may simply be secured services designed to prevent data leaks and preserve anonymity. However rotating proxies usually have the ability to switch automatically on every HTTP request or even at specified intervals. You should also try and find a provider who owns the hardware not just some proxy reseller just adding their cut. One of the other major issues to focus on is that of support for when you need help professional support available. Not only will a decent provider help you with the technical questions but also could guide you in how you use the proxies with different platforms.

Some need really specially configured proxies, and the best providers will help you with suggested ratios. For example you can bypass using a proxy if you’re only managing less than five Instagram accounts without issues, the best proxy companies will know this and should point this out.




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