Free the Internet – Using Proxies

There’s an increasing trend for companies and governments to control the internet.  Go to any major website and you’ll probably find something called Geotargeting happening.  This is  the practice of looking up your location and producing content based on your location.  Many websites block access to much of their content if you’re not from a specific country for instance.  If you’re in the US for example you’ll get blocked trying to access UK media sites like the BBC, if you’re in Europe you’ll get blocked from awesome US media sites like Hulu.

Fortunately this internet censorship is easy to bypass – all you need to do is use proxy or VPN servers to fool servers about your location.  This page for example shows how you can use a BBC proxy based in the UK to watch BBC Iplayer.  It’s simple to use, but unfortunately does involve a subscription payment to pay for the servers.  Worth checking out especially if your living away from your home country and are having problem accessing stuff.

If you’re using a mobile device like a phone, iPad or tablet the choices are a little more restricted but still plentiful.  Some of the services will work on other platforms too, this video shows how to set a VPN on an iPad and the method is similar on iPhones, Tablets and even Android phones.