Configuring a Proxy in Firefox for Accessing US Resources

Video Transcript

This is basically a tip on how to enter a proxy server in Firefox. So in Firefox there’s pre built-in settings just like most web browsers to specify your proxy server.

Now what is a proxy server ? Well a proxy server is a middleman in communicating between you and the web server. The web page the URL that you’re trying to access. So in other words many people use proxy servers to hide their identity or to hide where they’re coming from and to also be able to access websites that they shouldn’t be accessing. Through wherever they’re a are so maybe you’re at work maybe you’re at school. Whatever so it isn’t a good idea to necessarily use a proxy server to bypass your school or work. I mean those are there for a reason obviously and you can get into a lot of trouble if you try to bypass that.

So I’m not endorsing you to use this but a lot of people have asked me what is a proxy server, how does it work ,why is it in Firefox. So I thought I’d make a quick video here to show you how to set it up and how it works. Again be cautious on using proxy servers because even though they’re a middleman and there a middle server there you don’t know who set it up you don’t know what information they’re getting from you as well so it can be very dangerous to use something that is anonymous and free. Right so there’s always a catch so here on the Internet I just did a quick search on proxy server lists.

I found some I’m going to randomly, just choose one in a test environment that I have here set up. Go into Firefox options click on advanced and then the network tab and then under the network tab it says how to configure. Here your Firefox connecting to the Internet I select manual proxy configuration and I put in that first one that was on that list of proxy servers and the port that it said. And that’s pretty much how you would set it up there’s nothing fancy about this. Now I’m going to what’s my IP address comm there to take a look and see what it thinks I’m coming from. Where I’m located and it’s saying that I’m in Great Britain you can see GB there in England and of course I’m not located in England I’m in North America. So obviously it’s masking true my location and where I’m coming from.

It’s basically becoming the middleman this proxy server and it’s also allowing me to get to YouTube by the way. Just so you can tell here slash PC wizkid allows me to get there. In case you know for example if you were on somewhere else that blocked you accessing YouTube. Now I would be able to get to YouTube using this proxy server so that essentially is an example on why some people use this. Not just for anonymity but also to get to URLs that they cannot access through normal means.

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There are of course, many different types of proxies apart from the basic free ones you can find online.

This blog post for example explains a specialized proxy called sneaker proxies, which you can use for ordering sneakers online.

Another example of hiding your connection through a proxy is something called Smart DNS. This is a method of routing only part of your internet connection through a third party proxy in order to hide your location. There’s an example in this video called BBC DNS which you can watch on Youtube.

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